Latest PCB versions?

Hey all, long time reader, first time poster. I am interested in building a SatNOGs station, using the latest version. First thing is to order some PCBs for the electronics, but I am a little confused about versions. Could someone confirm which is the latest (and hopefully greatest) versions of the PCBs to build? I see a new encoder PCB here ( and mention of a new end stop, but no actual PCB files for the latter. Am I missing something, or is there an easy way to grab the latest PCBs/BOMs at once that I can send to OSHPark or someone similar?



Hey, the master branch in github contains the PCBs and firmware which are under development. v1 branch is the stable and is only for stepper motors. You can build the PCBs of v1 branch and you can try the encoders in stepper motor version :wink: .

Azisi, thanks. I am working on building a V1 now: I got (the obviously wrong) impression that V2 was a bit further on than it is. This looks like an excellent project that I look forward to trying out!

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I used SeeedStudio Fusion to get my PCBs made. (My first experience getting PCBs.) It only took 3 days for production and 2 days ship to Canada with DHL.