Lag in loading waterfalls

Hello SatNOGS team,

Might just be me and my two network connections (work 1 Gb/s and home 20 Mb/s) but I noticed when vetting my observations the waterfall image sometimes take 1-2 minutes to download/display. I’d say this applies to about half of my vetting attempts over the last few days. Prior to this (for the last year or so), the waterfall images would consistently take a few seconds to download at most. So I’m trying to figure out what changed. I assume it’s something on my end (in my part of the world) but wondering if it’s something with the SatNOGS DB server.

To be clear, the waterfall image eventually downloads, no errors.

When the waterfall images are not downloading right away, the data frames (if there are any) are displaying instantly in hex and ascii along with the unknown, good, bad buttons. This applies to observations just uploaded as well as day-old and beyond so the waterfall images are on the DB server (they been uploaded and deleted from my satnogs-client). Just not sure why the waterfall images delayed so long sometimes.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated. I’ll continue to troubleshoot and search for clues on this end.

Thanks for reading
WesternMA USA Yagi station #2134