KSM1-C transmitter frequency

SatNOGS DB satellite KSM1-C (49609) was missing a transmitter definition although these two companion satellites were defined:

KSM1-A (46912) 401.030 MHz 
KSM1-B (46914) 401.060 MHZ

Digging for more info I found this presentation from a recent SmallSat conference at Utah State University, the frequency in the wide-band spectrogram shows KSM1-C as being 401.120 MHz, although KSM1-B was shown as being 401.09 MHz (not the verified 401.060 Mhz). I submitted a suggestion for the transmitter to be 401.09 MHz as a starting point so we could started scheduling observations. This turned out to be the wrong frequency ā€¦

Data from these 3 observations 6720218 6720214 6720215 shows there was no signal at 401.09 but there was signs of an off-center frequency closer to 401.12 MHz. Note: KSM1-B and KSM1-C are currently flying a somewhat close formation and simultaneously above the horizon for much of these observations as seen below

@cgbsat 's STRF indicates the best FFT fit for the three observations of the off-center signal was indeed from KSM1-C on 401.120 MHz (rms. 0.046 kHz)

rffit -c $ST_TLEDIR/catalog.tle -d all.dat -s 2134 
rms limit (kHz): 0.5
46906 0.046 kHz 401.120124 MHz
Identified 1 candidate(s), best fitting satellite is 46906.


A DB suggestion has been submitted to update the KSM1-Cā€™s transmitter frequency from 401.090 ā†’ 401.120 MHz.

Scott (MAUSyagi)

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