KEPLER-2 (TARS) 46319 transmitter missing downlink mode info

Greetings SatNOGS team,

I’ve made a request in DB for Kepler-2’s transmitter downlink mode to be updated from null ‘-’ to FM 9k6 baud (it’s breaking satnogs-monitor with a null entry … for me at least).

Looking back at a previous post – which appears to be a SatNOGS DB query from Dec 2021 – that’s what Kepler-2 was listed as, not sure what or why it changed to null.

Screenshot 2022-03-25 at 12-18-28 Extending the defined ranges of SatNOGS UHF antennas -- including the 400 MHz range - Sat...

I was unable to locate more information on Kepler-2’s UHF downlink on the inter-web to offer as a better transmitter definition.