Keep received data in /tmp/.satnogs/data/ longer

I notice data is temporarily stored in /tmp/.satnogs/data/:

ls -l /tmp/.satnogs/data/
total 30008
drwxr-xr-x 2 satnogs satnogs       40 Apr 16 11:17 incomplete
-rw-r--r-- 1 satnogs satnogs  7258112 Apr 17 16:20 receiving_satnogs_2051207_2020-04-17T16-11-46.out
-rw-r--r-- 1 satnogs satnogs 23466724 Apr 17 16:20 receiving_waterfall_2051207_2020-04-17T16-11-46.dat

But they seem to get removed shortly after a pass.

I’d like to keep some of these files to ‘play with’. Do they get archived anywhere temporarily, or just deleted. Can I change this in the config? I’m currently having to babysit a pass and copy them quickly!

receiving*.out file is a partial ogg file.
receiving*.dat file is a structured waterfall data file that we use to plot the png image.

The ogg file and the png file are uploaded to the network, if you want to keep a copy of them locally you can set in “Advanced —> Path settings —> SATNOGS_COMPLETE_OUTPUT_PATH” on where you want to move files after uploading.

For keeping the receiving*.dat file you need to set “Advanced —> Path settings —> SATNOGS_REMOVE_RAW_FILES” to False.

Keep in mind that files in /tmp are saved in memory, which means you need to transfer them continuously to avoid a full memory. On the other hand it is not suggested to write these files on the sd-card as many reads/writes can quickly make it unusable. Maybe transfer them over ssh or plug a usb stick or an external hard disk are better solutions.

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Ah, I hadn’t twigged /tmp was in RAM. Cheers. I wanted a before and after snapshot of my station before I added an LNA but it seems I’ve killed the sensitivity that much a recording doesn’t really matter now! Gonna have to traipse up the loft again tomorrow and figure out what’s up, check the connections, remove the FM band stop filter and play a little more.