Just leaving this here... €10M Prize for Rocketry



Closing date for application is 2021… @pierros @manthos @drid



Now we have a goal :wink:


Damn right! It looks like extra points in the scheme for the further along the roadmap we are by 2021… LETS GET BUILDING ROCKETS!


Just in case someone wants to collaborate.


I volunteer to do all the live streaming of our launches :smiley: And we can use our Race control as our mission command. Which gives us a bad-ass looking mission control.

Only need to convince my boss!:nerd_face::roll_eyes:

This is me just being excited about rocket launches😂



Surely with all the sea fairing types around here and with a nod to copenhagen suborbitals we can be launching at sea… SURELY then your boss will approve? @csete this is just how copsub AV control centre looks… yes?!? :slight_smile:


That thing at the end of the stairs looks a lot like our EXPLORER 5075 Ka-band terminal!



That’s because it is :slight_smile:


I’d be happy to provide the onboard video system for such launch vehicle, but I hope you know that you will need an investment k-times the prize money, where k is a number greater than or equal π, to pull this off?


only π?! … But seriously… I think its good to dream and there’s a lot to learn and push on with… be really interested to see what could be done by us lot. :slight_smile: