IZ5RZR Satnogs V.2 from Italy

Hi. Thanks to fantastic Satnogs Team i’have built my V.2 but with Arduino UNO with another code c++ on board for use with yaesu GS-232 protocol and software like Orbitron.

Video and info at http://www.caturegli.it


Nice build @iz5rzr ! Thanks for sharing!

How can we help you set this up to network.satnogs.org?

As soon as possible i hope to setup my raspberry and RTL2832U V3 connected via wifi to satnogs rotator, but first i will try to build your PCB satnogs rotator controller. Now i have 10 pieces of that and now i still waiting for receive Arduino pro micro to start solder all components.
I have a question
on your new pcb, instead of the serial components can I connect directly to arduino a FTDI interface (rs232 to ttl converter) to run communication between Arduino and Pc?

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