IZ5RZR - Building of Satnogs rotator V. 3.0.1 - ROTATOR IS DONE!

UPDATE 18 OCT 2018
Now the rotator is finish.
It’s fantastic system engeenering
Now it’s being tested, but from the first tests it works great.
I thank AGIS and the Team Satnogs for this fantastic project.
I have taken care of the electrical part with regard to the shielding for disturbances caused by the drivers of the steppers placing at the beginning and end of the cables of the ferrite cores because in the previous version (V.2 rotator) I had many problems of noise caused by the drivers a4988
Soon a video will follow with the tests of the antennas and of the tracking system


Nice build. I like the cable clips you’ve got there. Where did you get them from?

Hi. There are many clips for 2020.
Search cable holder 2020 on thingiverse.com


Ok, didn’t think they would be printed but it makes sense

yes,you can print it. It takes about 3 min for 1 pieces

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Belle réalisation

Hello, beautiful achievement, I built exactly the same configuration, could you give me the reference belt gt2 thank you in advance.

Thank You Remy.
Belt is 158 mm like classic stepper version.

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…And? …Did it work!? Lol…
Any observations? Tips? Hints? I plan on using the exact same dish as yours, I will be building another antenna as well.

Love the pics, looks like a nice spot!

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Rotators working good!
The only things is that for a Parabolic grid antenna (2.4 Ghz) you need a strong rotator like a DC motors version or this 5.18 stepper motor version because that grid antenna is heavy and rotator can lose position on elevation when stepper motor is off power.
Actually I use rotators for Noaa Satellites and Meteor and also I have tested rotators on february when ISS transmitted sstv images, with my new “3D printed arrow” antenna I received it perfectly on the whole passage, without problems of “MERIDIAN FLIP” given the last correction to the firmware


Hello iz5rzr,

Breathtaking your realization.
Really beautiful photos of the rotator V 3.0.1

I make about the same AZ/EL rotor.
I use a QFH that I made to track les NOAA and Météor.
I want to change antenna.
You’re using a new “3D pinted arrow” antenna, which I’m very interested in.
I’m looking for STL files to build it, to use it on the rotor.
What do you advise me ?
Thank you for your reply


Send me an e-mail, I will transmit .stl files or you can download directly by Tysonpower.de, the designer of that kind of antenna


The preview of a new video about SatNOGS Rotator


Hello iz5rzr,

Thank you,

Hi Max,
did you try to balance the parabloic grid with a counterweight like this?
Annotazione 2020-06-12 152629

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Hi Alfredo. Actually not, but I think to do that.
5.18 stepper motor is strong enough to hold grid antenna but surely a counterweight is better

What size dish is that?

Hi, I’ve found the picture on the internet, no idea about the size, sorry. But it seems bigger than IZ5RZR one!
But I liked the implementation of the counterweight on the satnogs rotator.