Issues Tracking

My apologies if this isn’t the preferred place for issue tracking, but I wanted to document before I lost track. It didn’t seem like the issues feature is enabled in GitHub.

-Client Local Web Interface- Save button exists on configuration page, but values are not retained. I have been editing in the config but attempted to make a quick tweak to PPM and noticed it didn’t save. Validated on both of my RPi stations.

-Website Observation Scheduling on Mobile- Using iOS, drop down to schedule observations isn’t filtered for the particular satellite.

-Previously mentioned memory consumption of memory as it relates to gnuplot.

If you have any questions, just let me know. Also, if there’s a better spot, please let me know and I’ll ensure to post there.

No apologies! Better to bring it up somewhere than not at all! We moved to hence the lack of issues on github.

Yeah this one is ugly. Already filed as


Ah, I see issues are in gitlab. Maybe it was missing since I wasn’t logged in on that machine. Thought it was odd they would be disabled.


gitlab, not github…

Got it… thank you… I’ll move this info there… just wanted to document before it was lost.