Issue - Satnogs-auto-sheduler on Ubuntu22.04

Hi all,
Although the new procedure to install Satnogs-auto-scheduler is intended for Debian I proceeded and performed it on my Ubuntu box(22.04lts)
It all went well with the exception that I could not locate the env-dist file to generate the .env file with the authentication API tokens.
It appears that the installation is working fine as the commands to verify the version and to download the orbital elements and transmitter priorities produced correct results.
I need your advice on the directories where I should place the .env file (copied from another ubuntu box) and the priorities.txt file in order to complete the configuration and be able to run auto-scheduling

Many thanks in advance for any help or advice that you can provide.

Best Regards

Abraham - XE3ADC
Villahermosa - Mexico

Looking at the repository, the file env-dist is in there.

Now copy in the root of the cloned repository end-dist to .env en edit the file, then all should be fine.

It’s not intended for debian, the example is assuming debian. Most dists that have python-3.8 or higher should work. The assumption is because apt-get and package names, as these do vary across dists. Ubuntu (proably even focal/20) is close enough that the commands should work straight off.

As Jan said, the env-dist is in the repo root, copy or move to .env, like cp env-dist .env and edit it. it is included from the working directory when you launch the scheduler.

Also, the readme example is still using the now quite old 0.2 release…

Jan and Daniel,
thanks a lot fot comments and suggestions.
My Apologies, I did not explain myself sufficiently well.
What happens is that the current installation procedure outlined in the repository’s README.MD does not include the cloning of the repository on a local directory, whereas in the former installation procedure which I used on my old Ubuntu box (18.04lts) did indeed cloned the repository locally creating the subdirectory satnogs-auto-scheduler that contained the env-dist file.
The current procedure did not create, at least in my Ubuntu box, a satnogs-auto-scheduler subdirectory in my home directory but instead a ENV subdirectory was created.

I spent some time looking for both satnogs-auto-scheduler directory and the env-dist file in the Linux file structure but couldn’t locate any of them, therefore the question that arose was:

Where should I place the env-dist file(obtained from the repository) to be able to continue with the configuration steps and end up with a working installation?

Well, following your suggestion, I downloaded the env-dist file from the repository and placed it in my home directory (from which the installation was launched) and after completing the configuration procedure I obtained a working installation.
I placed also my PRIORITIES txt file in my home directory and ran auto-scheduler without any issues.

I will be using the auto-scheduler for several days and report back if needed….

Please let me know your comments, suggestions and feedback.

thanks again best regards,

Abraham - XE3ADC
Villahermosa - Mexico