ISS SSTV - MAI-75 SSTV on Aug 4 and 5, 2020

New ISS SSTV event planned


Transmitter has been enabled in DB and is now available for scheduling in Network.

I’ve already scheduled the first day to all online stations. I’ll check later to schedule for some testing that show good results.

Feel free to remove my scheduled observation if you want to schedule something else at that time.

Second day is also scheduled. If you have your station in testing mode, ISS SSTV event is one of the best ways to check/test your station.

As testing stations getting more and more is difficult to check each one of them and see if it is a good candidate to schedule the event on it. So, except from 2 testing stations that I have permission from the owners to schedule, I didn’t schedule any other testing station.

There is an update in the schedule for the 5th of August. I have scheduled accordingly.