ISS SSTV: MAI-75 Oct 9 and 10


The Initial MAI-75 SSTV times from ISS are scheduled for Oct 9 from 09:50-14:00 UTC and Oct 10 from 08:55-15:15 UTC. Listen on 145.800 during these times. The experiment is based out of Moscow, Russia so the times are optimized for the few orbits that cover that part of the world.

SSTV transitter is now enabled in DB and should be available for scheduling in Network.


I have scheduled several passes to observe this event. I have also added some on testing stations that I think they have potential to receive it successfully. judging by their setup and their latest results.

Hello, you can view result of obsvertation :
SSTV ISS MAI-75 2019-10-09 2019-10-10

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@michel did you produce these images from the ogg file or in another way?
If from the ogg file, did you use any gain?

I convert ogg to wav and decode with MULTIPSK without modify gain.

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That’s interesting, I guess you use PD120 encoding on MULTIPSK, right?

I tried to decode a couple with QSSTV with or without gain but nothing came up… I’ll need to take a deeper look, probably after OSCW.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Yes PD120 on MULTIPSK 48000 samples stéréo 16 bit PCM, I’ve tested MMSSTV 11025 samples mono 16 bit PCM (adjutsement of synchro is easier with MULTIPSK)

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