ISS SSTV - MAI-75 January 30-31 2020

ISS SSTV will be active for short periods of time for the next two days. The Russian cosmonauts will test the new computer after the old one recently failed.

The scheduled activation times are:
• Thursday, Jan 30 at 13:30 – 19:00 GMT
• Friday, Jan 31 at 15:00 -17:30 GMT

Award for the participants in this SSTV experiment from the Polish ARISS Team:



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Thanks for the info. I have enabled the SSTV transmitter for ISS and scheduled the observations for Jan 30. I’m going to schedule later today the rest for Jan 31.

If anyone else is going to schedule before I do, please remember to choose in advanced options a custom horizon of 0 degrees, as ISS SSTV signal is powerful and stations can receive it in most cases under their set horizon.

Related issues on operations for this event:

I forgot to add that this is the last time that I’m going manually decode and upload the SSTV images in observations, as with the new client that is going to be released in the next couple of days there will be an SSTV decoder, thanks to @ar3itrary.


Great news! :slight_smile:

The event is now over, any help on vet is more than welcome. Any observation vetted good is passed through my decoding script and if there are any images then they are uploaded.

It’s voted good week end