ISS SSTV: MAI-75 Dec 1-2 2020


MAI-75 Dec 1-2

The preliminary crew schedule shows a Moscow Aviation Institute SSTV activity planned for December 1 and 2. This is a limited time experiment primarily targeting the Moscow area. Others in range of ISS during the experiment should also have the opportunity to receive images. Historically, they use mode PD120 and transmit on 145.800 MHz.

December 1 - Start about 12:30 UTC. Stop about 18:25 UTC*

December 2 - Start about 11:50 UTC. Stop about 18:25 UTC*

*Dates and times subject to change.

The SSTV transmitter in DB is now activated and observations of the first day of the event are scheduled.

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ISS will be listened to live on 2020-12-01 13:10:46 as part of the ARISS project with the Saint Joseph school in Marboz.
Hardware configuration: Sinous antenna tilted at 20 °, SDR key, SDR Console and MMSSTV.
Broadcast on class video projectors.
The F5KBD radio club will make a presentation of amateur radio activities to the students.

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Unfortunately ISS did not send any SSTV image for the afternoon, so I presented the sstv to the students with the passage of October 7, 2020 …
Only the APRS was visible on the 145.825 MHz transmitter