ISS SSTV from 2019-12-28 11:00 UTC to 2020-01-01 18:20 UTC


ARISS will be supporting SSTV transmissions worldwide in memory of cosmonaut Alexei Leonov. Event runs from Dec 28 (11:00 UTC is the setup time) until Jan 1, 2020 (18:20 UTC when the system is scheduled for shutdown). Transmissions should be on the standard frequency of 145.800 MHz and in the PD 120 format.

***Update - Dec. 24
Certificate information available at

SSTV transmitter is set to active again, please if you are going to schedule ISS SSTV observations choose in advanced options a custom horizon of 0 degrees, as ISS SSTV signal is powerful, stations can receive it in most cases under their set horizon.

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What would the ideal timing if we want to schedule by ourselves so that we do not interfere too much with your scheduling ?


I’ve scheduled for the first ~2-3 hours of the event… I’m going to schedule the rest (max 48h in the future) tomorrow night.

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The event has been started and goes very well… The decoded images are uploaded in network.

For station owners, you can submit your decoded image for getting ARISS SSTV Award, more info on the process can be found at


Is there a reason why I can’t see ISS predictions from my station anymore? I’ve been trying to find ISS in pass predictions whole day, it never shows up. Searching also fails, but it’s really not showing ISS in pass predictions. Meanwhile other station owners were able to see ISS predictions and schedule it on my station. I was able to schedule ISS passes a few days ago.

gpredict shows at least 10 passes for the next 24 hours. Station ID is 521.

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Ivor, I was taking a look at your station and ISS, and observations were there scheduled, and I scheduled more observations ok (and deleted them). Fredy has scheduled a few, which you can see here:

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I’m going to schedule the next batch (48h in the future) of observations for the event later today. Decoding continues, unfortunately the script didn’t run during the night, so it will take some time to decode all the past observations and the new ones.

@ivor as @jebba said I had already scheduled the observations in your station, this is why you couldn’t see them in observations/new page. However you can always check the passes above your station by going into your station page and hit “Calculate Future Passes”.

OK so this morning ISS shows up under calculate future passes, unlike yesterday. Here are a few clarifications and more details.

To @jebba, yes, that was what I noticed as well, I saw others were able to schedule ISS observations. But the problem was that I wasn’t able to view any ISS passes over my station while others were able to (I mention that in my post above, maybe I didn’t point it out well enough).

@fredy I wasn’t seeing ISS listed under Pass Predictions when I clicked “Calculate Future Passes”, that’s the issue I experienced. I could see yours and several others scheduled ISS observations on my “view all / observations” page, however whenever I clicked on “Calculate Future Passes” ISS wouldn’t show up under pass predictions, while other passing satellites did. That’s the issue I am reporting here.

For a test, I deleted a few future scheduled ISS observations from others (not yours or Dimitris) but it still didn’t show up when clicking “Calculate Future Passes”. I couldn’t see ISS listed under pass predictions even when there were NO scheduled ISS observations by you or others (24-48 hrs ago). I tried different browsers, clearing history, find / search ISS on page… nada, ISS just didn’t show up Pass Predictions.

Do note that this morning ISS started showing up, but please believe me that it didn’t show up in the past 24-48 hours whenever I clicked on “Calculate Future Passes”.

Next time it happens I’ll take screenshots of the whole Pass Predictions output :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

hm… this could be a bug… except if the scheduled passes are:

  1. Bellow of your station horizon, so they are not going to be visible in station page but in the observation/new with the advanced option of custom horizon at 0 degrees.
  2. Above your station horizon but close to it, so the passes are less than 2 minutes which is the minimum observation duration and again not visible in station page but visible in the observation/new with the advanced option of custom horizon at 0 degrees.

Smells more like a bug as I am able to see and schedule ISS passes every day. I was able do to previous ISS SSTV observations as well.

Here’s an interesting information about setting custom horizon at 0 degrees. I saw that in your opening post here, tried it… but whenever I set custom horizon 0 and hit calculate, it says:

Satellite is always below horizon or no free observation time available on visible stations.

And that shows up only if I set custom horizon of 0 degrees, if I keep minimum of each horizon I can schedule it. See screenshots:

Custom 0 degrees horizon:

Minimum of each station:

Oh this is a known bug and has to do that you came from station page and you can not change the dates, so with 0 degrees horizon the pass goes over the start and end times and it is filtered. Try directly from page with changed start and end time and let me know if you still get the “Satellite is always below horizon or no free observation time available on visible stations.” message.


That works! And wow, this is much easier for scheduling than going trough station page… thanks for that! And to confirm, I was able to select 0 horizon and schedule 6 observations. Can you confirm you can see 0 horizon selected? I can’t figure out where it says that in a pending observation page.


I confirm that by the only way you can see it, which is to check the polar plot and see that starts at 0 degrees.

PS maybe it would be a good idea to list also the start and end elevation.

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Got it. I confirm it scheduled new ISS observations with custom horizon of 0 set. Understood about polar plot though I’m not sure about your PS note, I set up 6 new observations for ISS SSTV, perhaps it’s easier if I just link the observations if required?

Also, what does this mean in regards to the original issue, did I hit some kind of bug where ISS didn’t show up at all under calculated passes?

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My PS was about showing in observation the elevation degrees on start and end time. It would be nice to know as not all of them start at 0 degrees.

The original issue probably was a combination of the reasons as I described them at ISS SSTV from 2019-12-28 11:00 UTC to 2020-01-01 18:20 UTC


Okay, good. I’ll use the new observations section to schedule ISS next time and report back if it happens again. Thanks for all your help, I appreciate it!


I’ve finished with scheduling until the end of the event both on online and some on testing stations that gave good results. I’ve left out some online stations that seems to have issues.


Decoding of the rest (for 2019-12-31 and 2020-01-01) has been temporarily paused, it will be restarted soon. Any help on vetting observations of these two days will be much appreciated.

And for station owners don’t forget to get your ARISS SSTV Award, more info on the process can be found at .

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I knocked out a few hundred this morning. I’ll try and get some more throughout the day as I have time.


It’s ok, all observations from 2019-12-28 to 2020-01-01 are votted