ISS SSTV activity observations of today

Hi all,

I heard that ISS would be active with VHF SSTV today, so I queued a couple of observations to catch it. Didn’t try any decodes yet, but a few of them look pretty good. If anyone wants to have a go at decoding them, be my guest.

[Observation 154375]
[Observation 154369]
(and a lot more, but I’m only allowed to put two links apparently)


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Hi Rico thanks for scheduling the observations!

The event started yesterday and most of the observation were successful. My plan is to decode all the captured signals, upload the images to observations (for now uploading needs admin access) and make a quick report about this 2-day SSTV event.

For those interested to decode the image and use linux I suggest qsstv. The process is to download the ogg file and convert it to wav with a command like this:

sox satnogs_154162_2018-06-06T12-46-40.ogg output154162.wav rate 48000

After that you open qsstv and if I remember right you need to specify that your source will be a file. After that by pressing the play button you will prompt to select a file, find the generated wav and enjoy decoding!

PS Not sure why you are limited only in two links… I’ll check it if we can increase that number.

I just did the decoding from my phone, it couldn’t be easier. I started the satnogs audio recording from a chrome tab, then started the Robot36 app, waited for the decode, saved it and then posted it here!

And another one, decoded in the same way.


Here is decoding of observation

using QSSTV under linux (samp freq 11025):

observation 154380 from the same station is about the same quality but truncated


Thanks for sharing that command Fredy!

I have been working on making my station do automatic decoding of some stuff like this. (Going to be just on a personal site till I can figure out how to upload code works.)