ISS Deployment (JAXA) J-SSOD#21 - "KITSUNE" 2022-03-24 11:50 UTC

Based on information shared by JA0CAW.

KITSUNE is the first W6U CubeSat deployment for J-SSOD. It is developed by the first-time collaboration with HAK Consortium. Together with KITSUNE the satellite IHI-SAT will also be released.

Online KITSUNE information: Amateur Radio | KITSUNE Project

CW Information
Communication Plan

IARU information: IARU Sat Coordinator


KITSUNE has been added in DB with the temporary NORAD ID 99415. It will be available for scheduling in Network a couple of hours before its deployment.

More details about the deployment can be found in 2 CubeSats will be deployed from Japanese Experiment Module “Kibo” on Thursday, March 24, 2022. | JAXA Human Spaceflight Technology Directorate.

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KITSUNE is now available for scheduling in Network. Please note that for now we use ISS TLE set.

I’ve already scheduled 122 observations for the first 12h.


While the 437.375 MHz downlink has been very weak (to the point that you wonder if there is an antenna deployment issue), the 400.960 CW beacon is VERY strong.

I noticed on the pass just ended (2115utc 25-Mar) that there was already a large deviation from the doppler based on the ISS orbit.

Have any possible objects been identified yet that are candidates for KITSUNE?


-Scott, K4KDR


Oddly, there is no CW transmitter defined in SatNOGS DB for CW in the 400.0 MHz range.

Per Kyushu Institute of Technology website site CW is 437 MHz. Not sure why the discrepancy ???

Scott (satcolintel5) :slight_smile:


I’ve added the 400.960 transmitter and scheduled a couple of obs… let’s see if we can get the strong signal and generate a TLE set.


Indeed @fredy this signal is pretty strong and easy to receive! I just got two passes:

I have used a tle of the ISS on the deployment date, and updated this tle to fit the Doppler measurements:

1 99415U 22000A   22083.35224310  .00000000  00000-0  11651-3 0    07
2 99415  51.6447  36.7529 0003935 307.7750 190.3599 15.49947062000001
# 20220326.72-20220326.80, 116 measurements, 0.027 kHz rms

Thanks very much for the calculated TLE!

With my downlink frequency adjusted to 400.9595, that tracked VERY well on the pass just ended 2025utc, 26-Mar.

Very sorry for the accidental SatNogs data upload to #99415 - that was NOT a 4k8 packet from KITSUNE. However, w/ the improved TLE, I did notice that the computer tracking the 437.375 downlink (with a directional antenna) had the strongest CW signal that I’ve seen so far on that frequency!

So, hopefully the spacecraft is healthy on that downlink as well.

-Scott, K4KDR


@EelkeVisser’s TLE set has been propagated to a more recent epoch and added into DB and Network:

1 99415U 99415    22085.81796296  .00000000  00000-0  11651-3 0    01
2 99415  51.6447  24.5340 0003935 256.6235 328.9928 15.49976151    03

Another update for Kitsune. I used the TLE @fredy posted, and fitted Mean Anomaly and Mean Motion with new data:

I have propagated the TLE to now:

1 99415U 99415    22087.80670139  .00000000  00000-0  11651-3 0    09
2 99415  51.6447  14.6752 0003935 191.3987 339.9379 15.50215737    09
# 20220327.83-20220328.80, 222 measurements, 0.065 kHz rms

I hope this helps with tracking!


KITSUNE is now identified as OBJECT TK(52148).