ISS CubeSat Deployment (2020-04-28): Quetzal-1

According to:

Quetzal-1 is deployed at 2020-04-28 3:20 UTC from ISS. The satellite has been added the DB with the temporary NORAD ID 99836, and its transmitter has been suggested and approved.

It will be available for scheduling in Network after adding TLE one day before the deplyment (2020-04-27). The scheduling will be tracked by this issue, general updates about it will be posted here.


Here is the live video streaming link for the deployment:


@PE0SAT has created a preliminary TLE:


@W7KKE station was the first one confirming reception of Quetzal-1 in network and also decoding some frames too. More observations follow, the satellite seems to transmit loud and clear. Still we use ISS TLE for following the objects. The first observation

Thanks to all the station owners for helping with this deployment!


Quetzal-1 receiving continues. @DL4PD has implemented, through kaitai, the satnogs-decoder for the frames and an initial dashboard that you can see at The team also has started working on a more complete one here (needs login with satnogs credentials as it stil work in progress).

As we don’t have any TLE from spacetrack yet, @cgbsat have done some calculations using strf and calculated some better TLEs that have been updated in Network:

1 99836U          20121.54891821  .00000000  00000-0  10270-3 0    05
2 99836  51.6431 224.2519 0001723 218.1696 145.0024 15.49372023    00

Spacetrack has published two TLE sets related with objects deployed from ISS, OBJECT RK (45597) and OBJECT RL (45598). By running ikhnos, OBJECT RL(45598) fits perfect the waterfalls of observations, bellow are two different observations and how they compare with the two objects:

From the above, and with the expectation that at most 2 satellites would be deployed (the other one is probably the expected but not announced to be deployed G-SATELLITE), we have identified Quetzal-1 as OBJECT RL (45598).


Thanks so much for the work on this! You’ve helped us a bunch.

– The Quetzal-1 Team


Great work on creating your dashboard! :slight_smile: