ISS CubeSat Deploment (2021-03-14): TAUSAT-1, OPUSAT-II, GuaraniSat-1 (BIRDS-4), Maya-2 (BIRDS-4), Tsuru (BIRDS-4), RSP-01, WARP-01, STARS-EC

Hi all,

We are very excited to announce the deployment of TAUSAT-1 (Tel-Aviv University, first nano-satellite) from the ISS this coming Sunday (14/03) at 13:05 UTC. After launch it will be silent for approximately 3 hours and then will send beacons every 20 seconds.

Can you please add us to the Satnogs DB?

More details can be found in this link:

Thank you,
TAU team


Hi @Idan I’ll take a look on the issue later today.

Do you know if other satellites that were on the same rocket with you are going to be deployed on the same day?



March 14 09:15-10:30 - release of satellites OPUSAT-II, GuaraniSat-1 (BIRDS-4), Maya-2 (BIRDS-4), Tsuru (BIRDS-4) and RSP-01 from J-SSOD#14
March 14 10:50-11:45 - release of satellite WARP-01 from J-SSOD#14
March 14 12:35-13:30 - release of satellite TAUSAT-1 from J-SSOD#14
March 14 14:00-15:00 - release of satellite Shizuoka University from J-SSOD#14

So, I’m going to edit the title to track the whole deployment on this thread. @Idan if you have more information about the deployment times of the rest of the satellites please let us know.

Given that in last ISS deployments, spacetrack didn’t publish any TLE set for a couple of days, we may need to produce our own for better results. cc @pierros @cgbsat @PE0SAT @vk5qi

EDIT: Here is a list of the satellites with their IARU coordination links:


Thank you @fredy !
The most up-to-date information we received this morning:
1st Deployment 09:30 – 10:15 OPUSAT-II, BIRDS-4, RSP-01 (order of deployment)
2nd Deployment 11:05 – 11:35 WARP-01
3rd Deployment 12:50 – 13:20 TAUSAT-1
4th Deployment 14:15 – 14:45 STARS-EC

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@Idan thanks for the info!

By the way, could you provide any frames that we can use as examples to test the kaitai struct for decoding that @DL4PD working on?

With the kaitai struct we will be able to generate a decoder for the frames that will be stored in DB. The decoded results will be used to create a dashboard in our Grafana

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Looks like the data format is compatible with DUCHIFAT-3 - any hints on that?

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@fredy here is a CSV file containing decoded packets and their RAW form
TAUSAT-telemetry-12_03_2021-22_26_37.csv (58.3 KB)
@DL4PD Yes it is intentional. We are collaborating with Duchifat project :slight_smile:


…then we already have a decoder! And a dashboard…
Please confirm you’re using the same cmd_types, sub_cmd_types etc…


Alright, those are not raw ax.25 frames - thus not useable to test the decoder. Any chance you can grab some directly after the ax.25 modem?

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The protocol and the beacon are identical to those in Duchifat-3.
The raw form in the file is after ax.25 decoding.
I will get back to you tomorrow with packets straight from the ax.25 modem.


Could you tell me what the underlaying system is called? The EPS, COMMS and so on…

Bellow is the list with the satellites that will be deployed tomorrow. Scheduling will be available 12h before the deployment.

  • TAUSAT-1 with temporary NORAD ID 99770
  • OPUSAT-II with temporary NORAD ID 99771
  • TSURU with temporary NORAD ID 99772
  • MAYA-2 with temporary NORAD ID 99773
  • GUARANISAT-1 with temporary NORAD ID 99774
  • RSP-01 with temporary NORAD ID 99775
  • WARP-01 with temporary NORAD ID 99776
  • STARS-EC with temporary NORAD ID 99777
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I’ve scheduled observations from deployment of each satellite until 2021-03-15 23:15:

GuaraniSat-1 - 145.825 MHz - Mode U - AFSK1k2 APRS :  13
GuaraniSat-1 - 437.375 MHz - Mode U - CW Beacon :  64
Maya-2 - 145.825 MHz - Mode U - AFSK1k2 APRS :  16
Maya-2 - 437.375 MHz - Mode U - CW Beacon :  80
Tsuru - 145.825 MHz - Mode U - AFSK1k2 APRS :  14
Tsuru - 437.375 MHz - Mode U - CW Beacon :  78
OPUSAT-II - 145.900 MHz - Mode U - FSK19k2 AX.25 :  142
RSP-01 - 145.810 MHz - Mode U - GMSK9k6 :  142
STARS-EC - 437.245 MHz - Mode U - CW Beacon - Cubesat A :  73
STARS-EC - 437.255 MHz - Mode U - CW Beacon - Cubesat B :  64
STARS-EC - 437.405 MHz - Mode U - FSK9k6 - Cubesat A :  63
STARS-EC - 437.425 MHz - Mode U - FSK9k6 - Cubesat B :  61
TAUSAT-1 - 436.400 MHz - Mode U - BPSK9k6 AX.25 :  169
WARP-01 - 437.050 MHz - Mode U - CW Beacon :  45
WARP-01 - 437.425 MHz - Mode U - FSK1k2 AX.25 :  91

In total 1115 observations. As we follow the TLE of ISS I left some observations free for anyone who want to schedule ISS.

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@Idan in the IARU coordination of TAUSAT-1, it describes an U/V Transponder.

(2) a U/V FM amateur radio transponder. 

Is there one? If yes what are the frequencies of it, so we can added in DB?

Hi @fredy,

TAUSAT-1 has a U/V Trasnponder. Its information is identical to the one used in the Duchifat3 project:

Hope it answers your question.


Just got an update that the TAUSAT-1 deployment will be delayed by approxiamlty 1 hour due to trouble by NASA. So the current release time is: ~ 14:30 UTC.

Here is a link for the live release:


Hi @DL4PD, can you please elaborate more on what information you need? (The EPS we use is that developed by GOMSpace…)

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I am trying to find a proper name for the kaitai struct that now is used for two different satellites and would like to pick a “system name”. No worries if you can’t provide that quickly - we can do that later on.

Could you probably provide something like a mission patch image or similar to show in the dashboard?

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Yes, I want just to confirm that uplink is 145.970 (as duchifat3?) and downlink 436.400.

EDIT: And also if it is enabled from the beginning or it will be activated later.

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Good morning Idan,

Thank you for sharing all this information.
I wonder the fact that Tausat-1 has moved to ~ 14.30 UTC does that also mean all the other releases moved up 1 hour?