Is there support for SatNOGS to transmit and command?

There is a lot of documentation about how to receive signal, but is there a setup for SatNOGS to transmit signal to the satellite and control it? Googling around I found this website: but the link to Github 404s. We already have a hardware radio with a hardware modem, is it possible for SatNOGS to drive those?

The satnogs project can only use an USRP, and it was only tested with one model. But of course it can be improved. There is a web gui to send commands to satellites on the web interface of the GS.

Is there any documentation on how to use it? Is it available upstream? What Gnuradio flowgraph did it use?

It seems that there is some work in progress to improve the TX capability of satnogs GS.

To have more infos you will need to dig here :

The setup with upsat was an USRP with a power amplifier from mini circuit and filtering.

Also, you will not found anything on github, but only on gitlab now.

Maybe you should consider to meet the team on IRC.

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IMHO, it is more promising to implement an osmo-fl2k SDR transmitter because of its low cost.