Is there a list of Satnog variables?

For example IQ_DUMP_FILENAME and others used in various post-obeservation scripts on the site ?

The best list at the moment is probably here:

If you look in the Advanced section you’ll see some information on the pre/post observation scripts, and what can be inserted into the script path to send variables through to the script.

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thank you. I love this project, but honestly there is a pretty steep learning curve. Having kind knowledgeable folks like you make it nicer. thank you again

Just doing my part to flatten the curve (in more than one way at the moment!) :slight_smile:

Since two weeks all environment variables are documented in the satnogs-client documentation as well.
The template variables available in the PRE_/POST_OBSERVATION_SCRIPT environment variable field are not documented yet (see issue satnogs-client#389), but they can be found in the implementation at satnogsclient/observer/