Is the SATNOGS-Rotator Dead?

I was thinking of building the SATNOGS Rotator, but it looks like nothing has been posted in the github for 5 years, and there is nothing in the releases. Not even the first release.

Why was the first release deleted?

Was there something wrong?

It appears the source files are still there, but the directions say the .stl files are in the release, which is empty.

Is there another preferred rotator to use?

I could not find anything in the forums for it in a long time either like 2018 or 2019.


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I built the v3 rotator a couple years ago still use it today. The build files for the 3d parts are here. I opted for driving it with an arduino uno/cnc shield using @quartapound’s code here referenced this thread from 2019.

Further development of the satnogs rotator does seem to have gone stale but it’s still a relatively cheap (ish) way to obtain a az/el rotator. Checkout Yaesu 5500 ($) or Spid RAS rotators ($$) for more expensive COT options.

Good luck!


about the G5500, not super easy to buy nowadays. the elevation part is a “kenpro kr-500” and sits on top of a “yaesu g-800”. it is possible to bolt them together and modify the original control boxes to hook a k3ng rotator to it. a bit messy on the kenpro controller as it has poor voltage stabilization and needs relays to be added for control.
better to get (or retrofit) the g-800 with a dc motor if you want to use/build a simple controller for it.

I’m looking to build the rotator as well but have the same doubts. Also, on the wiki the “instructions for mechanical assembly” link gives a “bad gateway” error. I found parts of an assembly guide on Dozuki, but only for the azimuth frame. Any help appreciated. Is the rotator project deprecated?