Is SSTV automatically decoded, now?

I’ve noticed that almost all of this weekends SSTV passes have decoded SSTV images attached as data. Will this happen automatically in the future, or was this just the result of some clever post processing?


Not yet, probably something post processing. I’m going also to run my semi-automate scripts for decoding and uploading the images of the weekend’s event soon.

@ar3itrary works on creating an SSTV decoder for the client. Maybe in the next event (in a couple of months?) will be ready. :slight_smile:

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I noticed that too (over a year later, HI).
It’d be nice if the uploaded data showed the user that uploaded it, if different from the observer or station. I find data attached to my observations and I do not know who to thank :slight_smile:

It was most probably @fredy as he is always very enthusiastic on ISS SSTV events and has the permissions to upload data to other stations. A normal user can’t do that :wink:


@fredy has permission to load all decoded ISS SSTV to my data tab so that I can see it… Thanks for the first one that was on the horizon and did not decode well, but seems that some ot the others should decode decently.

Oh it must be. I had a mental note to schedule passes for the second part of the SSTV event, but when I logged in I noticed that @fredy had already scheduled them for me :slight_smile:

But this time due to the volume issue it was really bad :confused:

Does anyone have a good tool chain for decoding SSTV images from the ISS?
I’ve tried the wiki and cannot get it to work.
Be great to create a docker image with the tool chain and a script to process a folder of audio files.

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