Is it possible to use standard amateur radios like ICOM 9100

Hello everyone,
I was wondering if it is possible to use standard radio like the IC9100 from ICOM instead of RTL-SDR devices.
we have a fully equiped Ground Station here operating in the UHF band (435 MHz -437MHz), with RHCP crossed yagi antenna and G5500 rotator from yaesu with its own controller GS-232, and of course the IC9100. As for the TNC, it’s all software. we are now trying to design the software architecture of the ground station using open software. For the tracking, we intend to use Gpredict.
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I’m new to satnogs and just getting into building a rotator myself but I do know there’s ways to use existing equipment just not sure what’s involved.

Take a look here

You can use any rotator that is supported by hamlib.

As for using IC9100 and gpredict, it would have run in standalone mode and not integrated into the Satnogs network, because gpredict does not have any interfaces to interact with the Satnogs network. Also note the IC9100 is a relatively new rig and not yet properly integrated into gpredict:

It use to be possible to use a hardware radio with satnogs but due to the filters you will be limited in terms of what satellites you’ll be able to decode compared to an rtl-sdr. Given the low cost of the rtl-sdr we’ve standardized on that and focused time on developing scripts for it instead.

So if you matched the reference platform the G-5500 would plug in to a raspberry pi 3 through a computer interface (we have a design for one up on github if you need one). Also plugged in to the raspberry pi would be an rtlsdr dongle plugged in to your antennas (LNA is also recommended, and we have a cheap recommendation if you need one).

With that combination our client would fully automate the operation of your ground station and collection of observations.

-Corey KB9JHU


Thank you so much for your replies.