Is it possible to edit the transponder file?

The current transponder files show Noaa15 frequency as 137.500 Mz whereas that satellite has been using 137.620 for a long time. Can it be corrected?

For which software?

Satnogs DB shows 137.620



I have 2 PCs both running Windows 10 Pro, I’m using Gpredict 2.3.37 to link with SDR# and Wxt2img for tracking and downloading APT from Noaa 15,18 & 19 but Gpredict defaulrts Noaa 15 to 137.500 instead 137.620.
Apologies if this has been covered before but at age 85 I’m easily confused :roll_eyes:

73 Fred

It looks like that Gpredict has two issues when downloading the transmitters/transponders:

  1. Transmitters with the same name can not be differentiate, that means that if two transmitter have the same name then the one overwrite the other. This is your case as the “APT” at 137.500 MHz has been written over the “APT” at 137.620 MHz. I’ve changed the name of the 137.500 one and now both show up if you perform update on the transmitters/transponders. However this needs to be fixed in the software as we usually have transmitters with the same name but different characteristics.

  2. Inactive transmitters are handled as active. There isn’t any indication that a transmitter downloaded is marked as inactive. This also needs to be updated in the software.

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