Interfacing existing Ground Stations with SatNOGS


Let me start very “generic” can I interface my Ground Station with SatNOGS?

Ground Station schematic overview

With regards, PE0SAT

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yes!! Though the instructions aren’t quite there yet, the design is made to be modular so as to allow someone to swap out satnogs-designed parts for commercial gear or any other setup. The satnogs-client interfaces with hamlib so as long as the rotor is supported by rotctld it would work. (The hardware inside of the satnogs tracker itself implemented easycomm 2 rotor protocol.)

So, if someone had a full rotor and antenna stack, all that would be needed is the SDR and computer (currently testing against a beaglebone black and tplink).

I spoke to quite a few people at Hamvention who have such a setup sitting at home idle - with satnogs installed those ground stations could be automatically controlled and made use of without the operator present!

What about just the decoded output? At the moment I have multiple megabytes on decoded data and there almost no satellite builders that have an interface where you can upload the received data.

There are exceptions such as: FUNcube-1/2/etc, M-CUBED, GRIFEX, DO-64 and UWE-3

Just a thought

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A very good one! Right now from the website end the workflow is expected to be from the satnogs client into the website. I think uploading and sharing data manually is a good idea as well - ideally satnogs becomes a central, open repository for receptions from all over. The only issue here is that the website is currently designed to focus on scheduled passes and collecting/displaying data from those scheduled passes, rather than general or data viewed from a historical perspective. First steps I feel would be a satellite view into all data for that satellite rather than for an observation.

You can see a dev instance of the website/network code here - currently some dummy data inserted so I don’t think there are any observations collected here yet (though it has been successfully tested elsewhere)

@comzeradd thoughts?


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I’ve been thinking about this as well.
Actually that’s how I stumbled into this community as I wanted to graph and collect lightsail data.

To me it looked like satnogs covers crowd sourced data collection from satellites.
Actually extracting data from telemetry and storing them in a central repository would be separate activity
as I suspect that each satellite would have to have it’s own telemetry decoder.

The way I thought about it was to take advantage of existing open source projects

  1. Use time series database along the lines of influxdb/graphite and then graphana as a frontend
  2. Use elasticsearch for it’s rich capabilities of handling text like payloads

My packet (AFSK, FSK) based decoded data has an UTC time field, that would make it possible to add it to a generic db.

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Hey @PE0SAT ! Your satellite tracking setup is impressive and a reference point. We would be thrilled to have it interface with SatNOGS. Unfortunately due to some fluidity around Network and Client, we are still not able to provide a single easy to follow guide for existing setups (this will come soon though!).

It would be great if you are interested to work with us as a pilot for this and interface your existing station first into the Network. Let me know how this sounds and we can arrange a call to dive into the specifics!

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Sorry for the late reply.

The pilot idea sound good, I was thinking of interfacing with the help of the kiss server that is part of the sound-modem software that I use. At the moment this is also being used to interface with MXL (GRIFEX CubeSat) have a look at

The GS from MXL has python and java code.

What SDR are you using there? (I assume you are not using the FT-847 for the SPROUT and GRIFEX screenshots)

I am using a FUNcube Dongle Pro+