Installing without ansible

Hey all, looking to set up a node for the first time. I think the current instructions assume that you are using Ansible. I don’t use that: what’s the recommended process for setting up a node without using Ansible?

(UPDATE: Please ignore me: I realized after posting that Ansible is used by the client itself to update. You don’t have to use it on the system that is burning the memory card).

Hi richardb.

I have not programmed in 16 years, so I know less than nothing about writing software/modifying software for RPI3 Stretch, nor Satnogs-client.

We are in dire need of a method to load satnogs-client on full Rasbian Stretch that works and is documented on the ‘main’ wiki, if one exist. The only way that I am able to run satnogs-client on my RPI3 is to use the Stretch Lite version that is available with satnogs-client install code in one zip file.

Finding those files is a royal pain as they are seldom mentioned here. Apparently, everyone is expected to read every page/post on site as the wiki is many moons behind.

@bob: There are two well-documented methods to install the satnogs client:


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What is more, Build wiki page is the place to go that links to all the instructions needed to setup your station.

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Hi Kerel.

Thanks for posting the links.

The first link is the Stretch lite with ansible pre-installed which works for me. But it is not the full version of Stretch.

The second link does not work for me. I have tried from scratch (formatted chip) six times and can not get the command line > sudo satnogs-client to run. I get an error msg that satnogs-client cannot be found.

Either the code is wrong, or the instructions need to be dumbed down for non-programmers like me.

Does the second link to the wiki require Stretch lite? I cannot get it to install on the full version Stretch. If the wiki states that it must be Stretch lite, then I have missed finding it many times that I have read it.

Thanks pierros.

I have been there several times and followed the instructions the best I could, and withouth using Stretch lite, I cannot get satnogs-client to install on a RPI3.

I do not think that I am the only person here that is having problems with it.