Installing gr-satellites - crashed SatNOGS RPi4 station?

Is there an inherent problem in attempting to install gr-satellites on an existing RPi4 SatNOGS station?
It appears to have corrupted the SatNOGS software installation.
I updated Python to 3.10 and installed Miniconda. GNUradio was already installed, but that’s as far as I got.
The SatNOGS installation no longer functions
Has anyone got a steer on this, please?

Not that I know of. My RPi4 is running satnogs-client image (upgraded to v 1.7) with gr-satellies (v3.8.0 - I need to upgrade this!!) and satnogs-gr_satellites and STRF. Python version is 3.7.3 though. Maybe python 3.10 isn’t compatible? I’d start over with a new satnogs-client image and avoid upgrading python to 3.10

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Stay with GNURadio 3.8 and its dependencies,

My guess by installing python 3.10 and maybe also Miniconda you are also moving to other GNURadio and gr-satellites branches.

As long as SatNOGS is running on Buster don’t upgrade gr-satellites to master, stay on maint-3.8

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