Installed new Release - but

So Im back, been very busy with my day job and contract work in the evenings. Noticed that my Ground Station was tracking but not showing a waterfall, audio or data on any tracking operations for some time. I installed the new .5 version and all looked to be working fine. The station shows up as active on the satnogs-dev site. I find no issues in dmseg, rtl_test sees the rtlsdr dongle and it reports no data lost. Oh and the Rotor system tracked properly. Not sure what to check to find the solution and get the site going again.

Welcome back! Try updating gr-satnogs to this commit to match .5:

With that working you’ll have full decode support for APT and FSK9k6 as well!

Sorry, hit reply too soon. here are some instructions. In short, v.5 makes use of some flags that the gr scripts don’t recognize in older versions and so they just die.

  1. Check out that commit
  2. rm -rf build in that directory (if you already have one)
  3. mkdir build; cd build
  5. make -j4
  6. sudo make install

I might of mislead you in my last post. I picked up the full Raspbian install image for the Pi-3… site and installed from scratch following the Raspberry Pi-3 - Satnogs install document. I used the satnogs-setup utility to configure the install. The good news is I posted too soon. Checking this morning I see/hear the waterfall and audio. I think I did not give the system time to do it’s thing, it looks to be working; Observation 7230. I install a pre-amp on the UHF side which I think is too strong for the receiver I may take it out and see if signal quality get better or worse. Will - N7IPY

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I’m glad to hear that it worked - we are having issues with the latest image elsewhere. :confused:

Let me PM you about swinging your station over to the prod network…

-Corey KB9JHU