Installation client on raspi 4

Good afternoon
after 2 months very busy i m back on satnog soft . I install soft on raspi 4, thought enter good setup with my api and ID, but after install i send cmd : systemctl status satnogs-client i check and i can see : "

please how i can fix this problem ?

thank in advance

Hey @F1SMV,

The actual error is not shown in your image (systemctl shows only the last few log messages). To show all log messages, use

sudo journalctl --pager-end --no-pager --unit satnogs-client.service

Please paste the output / post an image of it.

Please also post the output generated by Advanced->Support from

sudo satnogs-setup


Ok thank a lot i do tonight…

73 Eric

ps : sorry how i can paste log message in advance/supot…quickly a message run without possibility to insert anything…even in ssh connection its difficult to insert anything

How do you connect to your RPi? Usually with scrolling you will be able to get the history of printed text of Advanced->Support

Yes i have history …but after send this cmd i dont understand how what happens next or what i should do

After choosing Advanced->Support, you will get Generating support report. Please wait... and then the report will be generated. Copy from ------------[ copy here ]------------ to ------------[ copy end ]------------- and paste here the copied text.
Then you can hit enter to return to satnogs-setup menu.

Thank a lot but free this afternoon i reinstall all and now run ok…ID 1214 is in green on the map :slight_smile:

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