Install or remove Pypi dépendances?


when i update my setup i can see this message “install or remove Pypi dépendances” what do I have to do ? and why ?

thank for infos


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Hi Eric!. I’m struggling with the same problem here.
Please reply to this post if you found a way to solve this situation.


@F1SMV and @edupizzi please write which project you are trying to run (client, network, db, something else?), the steps you have followed and the exact errors you get. Without giving more details it is difficult for the community to help you.


I think the same issue may be happening here:

(I see now @edupizzi is author of other thread)

Hi Jebba!. Thanks for your reply!.
Yes, I opened another post explaining what the situation is.
Do you think I should have post it as a reply of this one?

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Either is ok, maybe admin can merge the threads. It’s just bytes though, no worries. :slight_smile:

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I opened a ticket here:

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Same problem here.
I tried to do the #2 upgrade to buster but afterwards my RPi wouldn’t boot so I went for #1 method and burned the latest image to the RPi SD card. Now the RPi boots and I can talk to it via Putty. Ran the ~$ sudo satnogs-setup. Saw lots of red during the install but when trying to upgrade I got the same Pypi dependencies error. Which dependencies and where do I get them?
Thanks for reading and helping. Bob vk2byf

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In short the problem is that vertualenv that ansible script uses for setting up the python environment tries to install the latest package for setuptools.

The latest version is 45.0 and it is marked that works only with Python 3, however some package repository mirrors can not recognize this mark and return version 45.0 as Python 2 compatible which ends up to cause the errors you see.

For more details you can check the links I’ve posted on the issue that @jebba opened.

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Seeing the same thing.
Posted to the open issue (#58) in the satnogs-client-ansible GitLab repo.

For the benefit of all, is this something that can likely be bypassed by pinning setuptools to v44.0.0 and modifying the Ansible playbook accordingly? or is this so far upstream in the Python2 ecosystem that its going to upset major things elsewhere and much rethinking needs to happen for this project ?

(my way of asking how deeply down the rabbit hole this runs, so I can estimate how long it might take me to patch it up on my end just to keep moving forwards…)

…because from a novice’s perspective, i.e. someone who knows how to download a RasPi image and burn it but isn’t proficient with troubleshooting Python, or Ansible, etc… this is kind of a showstopper for on-boarding with the project. Like I don’t think any new (rasPi) stations can come up without each new individual needing to get their hands dirty, right ?

…but from the perspective of someone who’s already building stuff like SoapySDR, etc… from source (myself), I’m willing to poke around a bit, but haven’t had time to familiarize myself with how everything is stitched together here (including the bootstrapping playbook), so if y’all want, I can play the role of “fresh eyes”, with “experienced hands”, and no predispositions to how things “should work” :wink:

Cheers !



I think the files you’ll want to look at are these:

If you edit the ansible, then run that recipe, I think you’ll be ok. Not sure what the majick line is though.

Other option, maybe you can just install sudo apt install python-setuptools and the one in Debian will be old enough it won’t complain.

This are just guesses/suggestions!

Fixed in latest satnogs-client-ansible. Please Update and Apply.