Inmarsat-3 f5 (aore) & Inmarsat-4 af1 (emea)

just installed successfully the GPREDICT app, following the NOOA 15, 18, 19 Satellites.
I so would like to see the Inmarsat geostat Satellites:
INMARSAT-3 F5 54° WEST (RED ZONE - AORE = Atlantic Ocean East) and
INMARSAT-4 AF1 25° EAST (YELLOW ZONE - EMEA = Europe/Middle East/Africa), too.
I am experimenting with the building of very compact antennas and try to receive signals and decoding with ScytaleC and Jaero.
Any idea how to follow the Inmarsat satellites over Gpredict too?
Thank you very much in advance!

Hi and welcome (:
Gpredict is made for non-stationary satellites, those Inmarsat are geostationary and that means you need no tracking nor doppler correction. Just point/tune to those frequencies and they’ll be there.

If you want to dig around for more sats/info, see

thank you for reply! It make sense what you wrote.
Instead we can locate e.g. the ALPHASAT (INMARSAT 4A-F4) with to read out some details.
All the best,