Info sdr please, best regard

I am new, and are a sdr , is ok for use ?
73 de laurent on2vhf jo20el

This one could be used for frequencies between 100 and 1750 MHz, only thing is you should better run it on SDR software first to check if you need to correct the frequency a bit cause usual they are not 100 percent spot on frequency. If you figured out the PPM setting (either minus or a positive value) they are great to use on satnogs stations, observations or strf recording.

Let us know which OS you could run SDR software on to help you further.

Ben - PE2BZ

I am pi4 not in use, possible info for instal please, 73 de laurent on2vhf

Hi, are you vlaams or french?
Might be easy for the language

French lol
I am install in my pi3 OS, and look doc into web site satnogs wiki

It is a well known one for me, it was the first SDR that I bought.

As @pe2bz already mentioned there frequency stability and accuracy is bad.
This being mentioned you will need to find out the ppm correction and this can best be done with some SDR software (GQRX, SDR++, SDR# etc)

Then when you know the correction add it to the SatNOGS client configuration.

All being mentioned, a great way to start and get some hands on, but finally you will wanted to get a better one.


Hi Jan,

Ok RRR, thanks for second info
73 de laurent on2vhf