Increase resolution

Good evening,

I have a rotator V3 + controller v2 + hamlib + gpredict.

All is fine. But I see that the rotator move by step of 1°. Is it possible to configure something to have a resolution less than 1° ?

In fact, is it possible to do that for exemple :

AZ 150,5° EL 42.4° ???

Thanks, F4FLU

I’m not sure if a finer resolution is possible, but let me turn the question around - is it necessary? The size of antennas you would be able to put on there are going to have a wide enough beamwidth to be off by a number of degrees and still be fine…

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Yes, I know that 1 ° is more than enough for a yagi, but I would want just to know if the rotor could work as a telescope frame : the engine of follow-up works permanently and not by surge.

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For telescope tracking you would need more functionality that existing (let alone the accuracy that needs to be in the order of arcseconds):

  • Tracking in sidereal, solar, lunar, planetary, comet and custom modes
  • Guiding pusle capabilities for fine tuned tracking
  • Sync and slew capabilities (software implemented)
  • Advanced: Periodic error correction
  • Advanced: Polar alignment and setup abilities

That said, I know that @azisi (the main dev of our rotator) is eyeing some of this functionality

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Hey, are you using DC or Stepper motors?
Also you can check this V3.1 DC rotator about rotator resolution.

I use stepper motor,