Implausible framecount on

In the contributors list on, my station OE6ISP_1 is listet with 6600 frames at the moment - and was for several days. This count is absolutely unrealistic, because I’m forced to use a poor antenna at the moment, which can receive only a few dozens of packets.
I’m wondering, where the frames listed there come from. I also cannot see this amount of frames in my observation-list.

On this list you can see all the observations with data for your station. I haven’t counted all, but with quick calculations: 134 pages * 20 obs/page = 2680 obs, 2680 obs * 3 frames/obs = 6600+ frames. So, I don’t think it is unrealistic but if you still think that we should investigate this in more depth let me know.

Thanks for picking up my issue. IMO the count only shows the numer of frames for the last 24 hours - so I think a few hundred would be correct.

You are right in this case is only for the last 24 hours, my bad.

I took a look on the data, 229 of them coming from Network and the rest (6511) are coming through sids endpoint. Does this make sense?

OK, 229 sounds good. What is a sids endpoint?

It is the endpoint that 3rd party clients (like gr-satellites, GetKISS+) use for sending data to SatNOGS DB.

I’m using gr-satellites, but thats still not an explanation for the 6000. But for now your information helps, I know, where to continue investigations. Thanks and 73, Stefan

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