Imperial-sized printed parts

I’ve started updating the 3D-printed parts to use Imperial/US-sized PVC tubing. Only the most critical ones have been touched at the moment like the gear and side plates.

These have not been printed yet, but maybe someone else can check them out to verify and print before we get some time on our printer.

This was my first 90min with FreeCAD, so expect little :smile:

Awesome! I was attempting to do this, but was not having any luck figuring out FreeCAD.

Won’t be able to attempt a printing until tomorrow night, but will let you know how they work.

@roto22 it may be prudent to measure your PVC and cross-check with the part holes. I don’t know how what the tolerance is on the OD. The actual updated ones (check the commit messages for that branch) were not too bad to modify once I figured out FreeCAD enough, they can be tweaked much faster. May save another botched print…

@danwhite - I had time to print two of your updated parts out last night, the axis bushing and the axis pillar. The bushing had a nice snug fit around the pipe, and the pillar needed just a little bit of sanding to get it inserted. Will attempt to print an axis gear tonight.

Nice job!

Thanks, though the axis bushing wasn’t one of the updated parts… Good to know about the pillar piece. Now that I look back, the diameter I calculated was based off the minimum wall thickness, which would make it a little too big:

@cshields has modified a set of parts also, he may have used a better method to set the tolerances. Updated "axis-side" part

Sorry, I meant the spacer, not bushing. The new version of the bushing doesn’t look quite as easy to modify.

I’ll give @cshields’s parts a try too once they are available.