Ignoring TLEs When Trying To Update From Local Files

Colleagues -

First, I do update my TLE list routinely with TLEs from Mike McCants. I am on a Macintosh running Gpredict (version 2.2.1 though the “About” claims 1.3) under Unix. I save a plain text file in a folder, give it a name like new-tle.txt - and update.

A pal tracked a very interesting satellite - we think that it is SensorSat or ORS-5. It is a low altitude, near zero inclination, satellite and so very unusual.

The pal sent me a couple of TLEs and I am getting the “ignore input” problem. I have the TLE in a plain text file in a folder, the file has the name of a Celestrak set of TLEs. I am doing this the way that I always do - and it works with the TLEs from McCants.

I got Cees Bassa to send a TLE - it is also ignored.

I opened the file with VIM and do not see any invisible characters in it.

Hmmmm. Ideas? I wonder if it is some problem with line endings? How does Gpredict recognize a TLE when it is in a file?

It would be helpful if a future fix could be to report back to users when we ask Gpredict to update from local files - and the application does not see a TLE in the folder.

I could happily send a copy of the TLE if anyone is interested.

Charles Phillips
Spaceflight Research, LLC
Houston, Texas

The most common reason why importing TLE fails is because the checksum at the end of the lines is not correct.

I don’t see how it is possible to have gpredict 2.2.1 show version 1.3 in the About box as the version string is written during build time.


Alex -

I sent you a separate email. When you choose “Help” and “About Gpredict” it has a large, green, circle that has 1.3 in it. When you choose “Help” and “News” it reassures the user that it is the 5 Dec 2018 (2.2) version.

Cees Bassa checked his checksums and verifies them. I can update with TLEs from Mike McCants and follow the same procedures - he is using 1.3 (I tried on both) and has no trouble! I don’t see any invisible characters.

This is very frustrating.


Ok, what you have is version 2.2 probably compiled in a directory with some old build files which still say version 1.3. The “5 Dec 2018” was clearly a typo corrected in version 2.2.1.

Alex - Should I delete the directory and reinstall Gpredict? It can mix old and new files?

And for anyone who looks at this thread, the problem with accepting the TLE was apparently that it did not follow conventions on what parameter was in what column. I got the originator to send me the TLE in a plain text file and saved that - the columns were all correct and both Gpredict 2.2 and 1.3 accepted it without complaint.


If you just want to have specific releases, then I recommend you download the release, for 2.2.1:
and build each release in its own directory.

If you want to build from the git source tree you can use the command

git clean -xdf

to remove all files generated during builds.