ID of printed parts

Greetings Everyone,

I have a question I’m hoping someone will help me out with. I printed out the gears and two spacers & after putting a caliper to them the ID of the parts were 31.5 mm my 1" schedule 40 pvc is 33.4 mm OD. What tolerance was used? Maybe I did or had something happen with the printer or software I used? I searched to see if anyone else has had this problem and didn’t find an answer. I’ve tried to modify the ID without success. I’m not new to manufacturing but new to cad programs and 3d printers. I purchased the xyz da vinci, works great so far, 399.00 US. Any insight to my problems is appreciated.

The parts as they are found on the main repository are for metric sized PVC, different from our imperial sizes.

Someone forked and resized the parts, see below, but I’ve still found the ID to be too small and am adjusting them myself for 1" PVC

Roger that. Thanks I had thought about that and every spec I came across didn’t show a difference, so I dismissed it. I’m taking an autocad course, but that doesn’t help me because I couldn’t find a way to import the free cad format to autocad & exporting it from free cad didn’t work on the .14 version I installed. I’m new to git, having used subversion I need to dedicate some time to learning git. Better get my ducks in a row here, thanks for the help.

Check out this free hands-on git course:


Thats great, Thanks.