Icom 2730a getting it to Doppler change frequencies. I can use radio control manually

I have a bat file that seems to work fine. In radio controller window I can change frequencies of MAIN but enabling track of a satellite it’ll work occasional shifting the frequency for Doppler.

My interface is setup with Simplex TRX and PTT is set to PTT Read.

I have to be doing something wrong. But I truly have spent days on this and can’t figure it out.

That’s issue 1, just having it change one frequency to match Doppler changes.

Issue 2 would be getting Gpredict to adjust both uplink and downlink. But I’d be content at the moment just having it auto adjust my downlink.

I have some experience with different radios and rig control for satellites. My conclusion is that the protocol and implementation in the radios leaves a lot to desire. The programs also have slightly different methods of acheiving this. I have yet to find a radio that has a perfect implementation (fm/linear).
Many looks like it is usable, but when starting to use it you will find different issues.
FT-847 and IC-910H is the two I like the best.

You are aiming for FM only I guess ?
I’d say Duplex is the correct type to run, experiment with vfo up/down setting.
Looking at the rig control commands supported by the radio can shed some light on what is possible.
Advanced topic; use hamlib and send the commands manually and see what the rig does.