I'am back from the AMSAT-F meeting in Paris


I am back from the last AMSAT-F meeting. In a lot of talks, there was something about Satnogs. It seems that almost any projet have at least used it one time.
For a few satellite project it was also very important, because the main GS of the project was not usable, and the Satnogs project enabled them to not lose data.

I chated with almost everybody, and about the satnogs projet, they told me :

  • the satnogs project is really awsome
  • clocks of GS must be accurate, because timestamp of data is very usefull (and a few GS are not very accurate)
  • a GS must be easily shared between the Satnogs project and your own private use

Also, the AMSAT-F have a project of collecting more data about satellites, for example more infos about the frequency coordination, and also where to reach the team of the satellite and lot more.

I would be great to improve the https://db.satnogs.org/ to have this kind of informations I guess ?

About rockets and CubeSat a team is working on an open-source radio board.
Everything is here : https://code.electrolab.fr/nats/spino

There was also a talk from an IARU member, about the requirements to get a ham frequency for a satellite project. It was needed to do that because there is more and more abuse from satellite team that ask for a ham frequency and don’t comply with the requirements.

It was great :slight_smile:


The video of all the talks is there : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6K7FoGGs80o
It’s in French, but the automatics subtitles in English are quite good.

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