I want to find who received and upload my satellite SNUGLITE

Hello, I’m Sunkyoung Yu who is a member of SNUGLITE team.
Our team is looking forward who uploads the SNUGLITE beacon data.
We want to contact them to appreciate their efforts.
Is there anyone who knows how to find them?
Thank you.

From the https://db.satnogs.org/api/telemetry/?format=api&satellite=43784
and with this sample code https://repl.it/repls/JuicyThinPredictions

This is not the best way to extract these kind of data, there is this issue for implementing something more quicker and better performance wise. If anyone interested to implement it, feel free to comment into the issue to discuss the details.

Here are the results of the script above:

Observer Locator Frames
YC3BVG OJ78dh 16
SV3CIX KM17gh 105
JE9PEL PM95tj 1
AD7NP CN87vp 442
VK2FAK QF56kc 3
EU1XX KO33ru 2200
DK3WN JN49lr 213
UX5UL KO50ei 2674
JA1GDE PM95ws 29
W2RTV FN31bq 123
VK3HBF QF22mm 40
CX8AF GF15wd 85

Thank you for your kind and detailed response!!
This method is enough for me.
I’m going to appreciate them. Thank you!:gift: