I keep setting my location to the right coordinates and the preview is correct, then after a refresh it changes my latitude coordinate to a minus number and so puts me in the atlantic ocean

Edit 4:
Ignore me, pretty sure the raspberry pi had different coordinates set.

I set my latitude to:


and longitude to:


When I click apply, the preview correctly shows where I am.

However, after refreshing the page, it shows the middle of the South Atlantic ocean, between South America and Africa. I then go edit again, and it has added a minus in front of my latitude. How do I fix this?

Edit: If I only enter a latitude of 51, it works.

Edit 2: No, it made it minus and put the decimals back.

Edit 3: It only seems to happen when I click “predict passes.” It appears to be setting it to the initial information of the station, and I probably had it wrong when I first set it. I will try creating a new station tomorrow.

Indeed every time the station asks for jobs from network it also updates the longitude and latitude. The concept behind that is to have a way to update the network about the position of stations that move from place to place.



Facing the same issue, trying to change the Lat/long coordinates the new ones are took after saving but restored to the previous after a short while.

The maiden grid locator is wrong and I’m not able to edit it to the right one either.

I believe the effect in all major counts is small as the position being shown is some 20 Km north of my true location, but I should be able to set my right coordinates nonetheless.
73 de Pedro, LU7DID

Make sure the station has the same coordinates set as the website. The station’s coordinates overwrite those set on the website after a short while.

I think it’s an inconsistency to behave this way but doing it locally fixed the issue.

Many thanks, Pedro, LU7DID

I had the same problem, when entering the station coordinates via the Web template - the Latitude and Longitude seems to be confused.

However, I saw it updated from the configuration settings of the SatNOGS client station coordinates after a little while and the confusion is there.
When entering my real longitude of 49.859 N into the station latitude setting and my real latitude of 8.659 E into the station longitude setting it worked-out fine:

“configuration”: {
“satnogs_antenna”: “rx”,
“satnogs_api_token”: “[redacted]”,
“satnogs_rx_samp_rate”: “1.792e6”,
“satnogs_soapy_rx_device”: “driver=rtlsdr”,
“satnogs_station_elev”: “220”,
“satnogs_station_id”: “2504”,
“satnogs_station_lat”: “49.8592910”,
“satnogs_station_lon”: “8.6598246”

My station is now up and running in test mode with the right station coordinates!