I keep setting my location to the right coordinates and the preview is correct, then after a refresh it changes my latitude coordinate to a minus number and so puts me in the atlantic ocean

Edit 4:
Ignore me, pretty sure the raspberry pi had different coordinates set.

I set my latitude to:


and longitude to:


When I click apply, the preview correctly shows where I am.

However, after refreshing the page, it shows the middle of the South Atlantic ocean, between South America and Africa. I then go edit again, and it has added a minus in front of my latitude. How do I fix this?

Edit: If I only enter a latitude of 51, it works.

Edit 2: No, it made it minus and put the decimals back.

Edit 3: It only seems to happen when I click “predict passes.” It appears to be setting it to the initial information of the station, and I probably had it wrong when I first set it. I will try creating a new station tomorrow.

Indeed every time the station asks for jobs from network it also updates the longitude and latitude. The concept behind that is to have a way to update the network about the position of stations that move from place to place.

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