I dont receive any waterfall or data

The SatNOGS client seems to be unable to use the RTL-SDR and we also see a lot of under voltage messages, this can also influence the SDR behavior.

Please share some details on the hardware used: Pi model, Power Supply used SDR device and if these originals models or clone models?

Is the following file available: /etc/udev/rules.dl/rtl-sdr.rules and please share the values.

Is the user era and satnogs member of the group plugdev

I have a raspberry pi 3 model B ,and an rtl sdr related to amplifier and polariser ans a rotator yaesu g5500 ANS A YAGI ANTENA VHF , I have resolved the undervoltage message by buying a new adatator tp my raspberry pi but still have no waterfall data file found

finally it works thank u soo much

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i have made driver =rtlsdr and antenna RX and it works

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but i dont know how to configure my rotator yaesu g5500 on satnogs setuo what to do in rotator model

Good to hear that the issue is solved. About the rotator, unfortunately I can not help a lot, but other may do. Also you can search a solution in the existing forum threads, if you don’t find any, I suggest you open a new thread about it.

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thank u soo much