I am doing my LNA+LPF design, and have a Poblem in simulating the PCB card

I am doing my LNA+LPF design and I have a problem in the simulating of the PCB . Do anyone can help me please ?

What software are you using to run the simulation?

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I am using ADS software
after that I used Allegro software (Cdence ) to design the PCB
and then used ANSYS to simulate thsi PCB before fabrication

What are you simulating in ANSYS? Mechanical (stress/strain)? Or thermal?

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No , Just I simulate the RF signal from the I/P to the O/P

Anyone using ADS software for RF circuit design? I need some help in designing my LPF and LNA Design

Thanks so much

Can you please post the circuit of the LNA-LPF PCB? It might be more effective and beneficial to do an actual build and measurement on a VNA instead.

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What is exactly your problem? And why the software you mentioned do not work for you?