Hunting frames to climb the dB leaderboard


So you want your station to decode frames so you can climb up the dB leaderboard and catch @csete and @DL4PD and my station 146 riyadh. A nice game, as competition between people always brings out the best in them.

The Fox birds and XW-2 birds cw beacons are a good start, all on VHF.

Unisat-6, over its ground station in UK, also transmit lots of frames. Bugsat and falconsat on UHF gives many frames as well. Lituanicasat-2 and IRAZU also gives double figures frames decode on certain passes. Please feel free to add more recommendations!

Hope to see more station climbing up the dB leaderboard to give the all time greats @PE0SAT @DK3WN @EU1SAT @W2RTV @W7KKE @SV3CIX @ea6wq a good go!

Thanks SatNOGS for a great website and system

#2 gives you good indication of which birds give the most decoded frames. Of course a sensitive station with tracking antennas will help!


But keep in mind - go for quality, not quantity!
73 Mike


Sure you have an advice on the subject, would you like to share it?


Love the leaderboard competition!

I wonder though, how else can we calculate this? If everyone started focusing on the high framerate satellites, would we neglect the others? What is the value in 1,000 CAS-4A packets versus one WOD packet from another satellite in the same time frame?..

I don’t have ideas/answers here, nor do I want to discourage the leaderboard, just want to keep the conversation going.

Loosely related, now that we are able to decode telemetry into a tsdb we can easily see the rate of packets getting decoded by day. Maybe there is something to be said for a station that contributes during a low point in the data? (see UWE-4 for example below)


Quality is always better thean quantity. At the end it the whole idea is to get your station to decode a satellite, not just track it.

What about giving more weight to difficult to decode satellites or giving leaderboard for each satellite? It would be nice if a static station can decode satellites whne not in use?

Anyway lets track and decode as many birds as possible


It would be great to indicate SatNOGS stations, maybe with an added icon, at the leaderboard!