Howto manual submitt a job into client db

Hi there,

for ppm alignment purpose i’d like to run some local test with the complete processing chain. i thought of manual jobs submitted locally for known sources as like as repeaters without uploading to the central server.
i’d tried to read the task job sequence commands during debug but i’d very happy i someone ca outline a sample how to add a job manually to my clients jobs db.

many thanks in advance, br Robert

ps: even using kalib and its values i doubt the results. somehow i’m way of frequency :(. someone else experianced this too?

The difficulty in trying to automatically/programatically calibrate from a repeater is that they are not always on - so you could be tuning up and down assuming a ppm shift while there really is no signal transmitting…

In the US we have weather radio transmitters from coast to coast that are always on and close to 2m (162MHz) for calibrating against, but even that can’t be counted on globally.

So - for PPM it might be best to calibrate manually (using gqrx maybe) against a known source if kalibrate does not work. If you find a good way let me know and I’ll add it to the docs.

For the long-run it would be good to approach this differently, as the initial sample size is going to be big enough to account for most PPM shifts we could have gnuradio find the strongest portion of the signal and tune to that. This functionality does not exist however and would have to be written.