How to switch a station in standalone

Hi, since recovering from a rotor defect i was switching my Station in test mode only. i thought this will be sufficient make my Station not taking part on receiving campaigns. this was Pretty two weeks ago. today i noticed by pure incident that my Station (id36) was conducting a Campaign. so i’m wondering which mode is the correct one for having the Station online for local component test and not taking part on campaigns.
i don’t might having the Station activ again but since i run on Change parts until the final replacement i was trying to keep things low as possible.
asking for som setup guidance which params i’ve to tweak :slight_smile:
br Robert


Please check this thread: Scheduled downtime for site?

If it doesn’t answer your questions please let me know. :wink:


ok got it. this explains the ghost worker mode :slight_smile:

no additional Explanation required,

br Robert
ps: do the admin go for the comment or where is the best spot to place such “donottouch” info?

Station description is read from admin before they schedule any observation in station with testing mode on. So, a message there, please do not schedule any observation should be enough.

In any case if you see any scheduled observation which should be there feel free to contact me here or in irc.