How to set up microstepping on satnogs-rotator-controller v2.2

I have my v2.2 controller wired up and rotating with full steps.
I am using A4988 stepper controllers, both trimmed to 2.0 amps.
As you can hear in this video,
the motor noise is very loud.
I would like to set up microstepping to try to reduce this noise.

I have two things to try 1/2 microstepping:

  1. Setting #define SPR 200 /*Step Per Revolution*/ to any higher value (e.g. 400 for 1/2 stepping)
  2. Bridging JP1 and JP2 on the back of the board.

These changes seem to make no difference in the number of steps sent and the the rotator only rotates a few degrees.

Is anyone using micro-steps in their station? Is the noise will full steps expected?

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Hey, i have the same problem. I opened an issue about it. I think something going wrong with calculations in functions deg2step and step2deg. I changed the "SPRRATIO", SPR = 2008, with the 86400 and worked.

I have fixed the video link.