How to set-up and test SatNOGS Controller V1 2016?

I’m continuing a project that someone else started. They have created this board here

It doesn’t say V2 on it, so I’m assuming it’s V1? The wiki article here seems to mainly cover how to work with V2 of the controller.

I’ve successfully installed the controller firmware on the Arduino, and I would like to test it before I move to the RPi client installation.

However I’m not sure how to do this. The test points listed in the Wiki don’t exist on this board (because this is not a V2 board). After adding the Arduino Pro Mini, is there any further configuration or wiring I need to do? I have a 12V 2A power supply. Will that work for powering this? Or do I need something else?

Any help is appreciated!

@azisi might be able to help here… I think the arduino code should all be the same.