How to retrieve my contributed telemetry?

I don’t have a SATNOGS station, but I started sending in telemetry via gr-satellites and the DK3WN’s telemetry forwarder. How can I find what and how much telemetry I have sent in? On a specific satellite page there is only a mention of the last contributed telemetry sent in by whom. Thank you.

You can have a first look at the statistics of SatNOGS DB:

The data itself can be found on the telemetry end-point of the specific satellite in its raw representation (hexlified, like 0xaa is represented as “AA”).

If you provide data for a satellite for which we have a dashboard, you can find that data represented as graph on our dashboards instance:

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Thank you for the info and the links and it provides part of what I am looking for. The stats page is what I’m looking for, but it only gives me the total of what I have sent in. I am interested in more detailed stats, like what satellite, how many frames, when, etc. Are there more detailed stats?

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Unfortunately there aren’t currently more detailed stats. I’ve just opened an issue about having more of them.

Please add a comment on the issue with a list of the stats that you would like to see.